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Palling, within > Bundesrepublik Deutschland > Bayern > Oberbayern > Traunstein
Date of Evaluation 06.06.2020 06:45:12Z
Date of OSM-Data 30.04.2020 23:00:00Z
Historical Evaluations
Municipality ID 09189134
OSM Relation 941652, on OSM-Map
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Usage Information no Information
Date of street list no Information
Date of last street list import 28.01.2014 08:00:44Z

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1 streets are in street list
1 100% streets are both on street list and in OSM
0 streets still missing in OSM
81 streets only in OSM

streets still missing in OSM

action street on Google Maps OSM Way on OSM-Map

streets only in OSM

street on Google Maps OSM Way on OSM-Map
Allerdinger Feld Nominatim OSM
Allertinger Feld West Nominatim OSM OSM
Amselgraben Nominatim OSM
Angerweg Nominatim OSM
Bannzaunstraße Nominatim OSM OSM
Baumham Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Bergstraße Nominatim OSM
Birkenweg Nominatim OSM
Blumenstraße Nominatim OSM
Bräuanger Nominatim OSM OSM OSM OSM OSM OSM
Bräugasse Nominatim OSM
Brunnenweg Nominatim OSM OSM
Buchetstraße Nominatim OSM
Burg Nominatim OSM
Chiemgaustraße Nominatim OSM
Drosselweg Nominatim OSM
Eschenweg Nominatim OSM OSM OSM OSM
Feichtner Straße Nominatim OSM
Ganghoferstraße Nominatim OSM OSM
Geiselfing Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Gengham Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Haigermooser Straße Nominatim OSM OSM OSM OSM
Halböd Nominatim OSM OSM
Hans-Böckler-Straße Nominatim OSM OSM
Harpfetsham Nominatim OSM OSM
Harter Straße Nominatim OSM OSM
Haslach Nominatim OSM OSM
Hauptstraße Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Höhenstetten Nominatim OSM OSM
Hörmetsham Nominatim OSM OSM
Hofstätt Nominatim OSM OSM
Holzbrunn Nominatim OSM OSM
Jahnstraße Nominatim OSM
Kapellenweg Nominatim OSM OSM
Katzwalchen Nominatim OSM OSM OSM OSM OSM OSM OSM
Kellerberg Nominatim OSM OSM
Kindergartenstraße Nominatim OSM
Kirchberg Nominatim OSM OSM
Kirchgasse Nominatim OSM
Kolpingweg Nominatim OSM
Lärchenfeld Nominatim OSM
Lärchenstraße Nominatim OSM OSM
Lampertsham Nominatim OSM OSM
Lindenstraße Nominatim OSM
Ludwig-Miesgang-Allee Nominatim OSM
Ludwig-Thoma-Straße Nominatim OSM
Mahd Nominatim OSM
Nordring Nominatim OSM OSM
Oberroidham Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Oberweißenkirchen Nominatim OSM OSM OSM OSM OSM
Ostring Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Pallinger Straße Nominatim OSM
Pfarrer-Heringer-Weg Nominatim OSM OSM
Pfarrweg Nominatim OSM
Postweg Nominatim OSM
Raiffeisenweg Nominatim OSM
Ranham Nominatim OSM OSM OSM OSM
Rauschbergstraße Nominatim OSM OSM
Ringstraße Nominatim OSM OSM
Rosenweg Nominatim OSM OSM
Rupertistraße Nominatim OSM OSM
Sailergraben Nominatim OSM OSM
Schulstraße Nominatim OSM
Sonnenfeldstraße Nominatim OSM OSM
Staufenweg Nominatim OSM
Steiner Straße Nominatim OSM OSM
Südring Nominatim OSM
Tittmoninger Straße Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Traunreuter Straße Nominatim OSM
Traunsteiner Straße Nominatim OSM OSM
Tulpenstraße Nominatim OSM
Tyrlachinger Straße Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Tyrlbrunn Nominatim OSM OSM
Tyrlbrunner Straße Nominatim OSM
Unering Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Unterroidham Nominatim OSM OSM
Unterschilding Nominatim OSM OSM OSM
Volkrading Nominatim OSM OSM
Westring Nominatim OSM
Wiesenzeile Nominatim OSM

all streets

action street on Google Maps OSM Way on OSM-Map
Allerdinger Feld Nominatim Map
Allertinger Feld West Nominatim Map Map
Amselgraben Nominatim Map
Angerweg Nominatim Map
Bannzaunstraße Nominatim Map Map
Baumham Nominatim Map Map Map
Bergstraße Nominatim Map
Birkenweg Nominatim Map
Blumenstraße Nominatim Map
Bräuanger Nominatim Map Map Map Map Map Map
Bräugasse Nominatim Map
Brünning Nominatim Map Map Map Map Map Map Map Map
Brunnenweg Nominatim Map Map
Buchetstraße Nominatim Map
Burg Nominatim Map
Chiemgaustraße Nominatim Map
Drosselweg Nominatim Map
Eschenweg Nominatim Map Map Map Map
Feichtner Straße Nominatim Map
Ganghoferstraße Nominatim Map Map
Geiselfing Nominatim Map Map Map
Gengham Nominatim Map Map Map
Haigermooser Straße Nominatim Map Map Map Map
Halböd Nominatim Map Map
Hans-Böckler-Straße Nominatim Map Map
Harpfetsham Nominatim Map Map
Harter Straße Nominatim Map Map
Haslach Nominatim Map Map
Hauptstraße Nominatim Map Map Map
Höhenstetten Nominatim Map Map
Hörmetsham Nominatim Map Map
Hofstätt Nominatim Map Map
Holzbrunn Nominatim Map Map
Jahnstraße Nominatim Map
Kapellenweg Nominatim Map Map
Katzwalchen Nominatim Map Map Map Map Map Map Map
Kellerberg Nominatim Map Map
Kindergartenstraße Nominatim Map
Kirchberg Nominatim Map Map
Kirchgasse Nominatim Map
Kolpingweg Nominatim Map
Lärchenfeld Nominatim Map
Lärchenstraße Nominatim Map Map
Lampertsham Nominatim Map Map
Lindenstraße Nominatim Map
Ludwig-Miesgang-Allee Nominatim Map
Ludwig-Thoma-Straße Nominatim Map
Mahd Nominatim Map
Nordring Nominatim Map Map
Oberroidham Nominatim Map Map Map
Oberweißenkirchen Nominatim Map Map Map Map Map
Ostring Nominatim Map Map Map
Pallinger Straße Nominatim Map
Pfarrer-Heringer-Weg Nominatim Map Map
Pfarrweg Nominatim Map
Postweg Nominatim Map
Raiffeisenweg Nominatim Map
Ranham Nominatim Map Map Map Map
Rauschbergstraße Nominatim Map Map
Ringstraße Nominatim Map Map
Rosenweg Nominatim Map Map
Rupertistraße Nominatim Map Map
Sailergraben Nominatim Map Map
Schulstraße Nominatim Map
Seestraße Nominatim Map
Sonnenfeldstraße Nominatim Map Map
Staufenweg Nominatim Map
Steiner Straße Nominatim Map Map
Südring Nominatim Map
Tittmoninger Straße Nominatim Map Map Map
Traunreuter Straße Nominatim Map
Traunsteiner Straße Nominatim Map Map
Tulpenstraße Nominatim Map
Tyrlachinger Straße Nominatim Map Map Map
Tyrlbrunn Nominatim Map Map
Tyrlbrunner Straße Nominatim Map
Unering Nominatim Map Map Map
Unterroidham Nominatim Map Map
Unterschilding Nominatim Map Map Map
Volkrading Nominatim Map Map
Westring Nominatim Map
Wiesenzeile Nominatim Map

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