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Hasselbach (Altenkirchen (Westerwald)), within > Bundesrepublik Deutschland > Rheinland-Pfalz > Altenkirchen (Westerwald) > Altenkirchen (Westerwald)
Date of Evaluation 16.06.2020 03:26:42Z
Date of OSM-Data 30.04.2020 23:00:00Z
Historical Evaluations
Municipality ID 07132046
OSM Relation 418142, on OSM-Map
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Usage Information no Information
Date of street list no Information
Date of last street list import 13.01.2014 20:28:44Z

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10 streets are in street list
9 90% streets are both on street list and in OSM
1 streets still missing in OSM
1 streets only in OSM

streets still missing in OSM

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edit Schulstraße Nominatim

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Schulsttraße Nominatim OSM

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Bergstraße Nominatim Map
Eitorfer Weg Nominatim Map
Hauptstraße Nominatim Map Map
Im Beienhof Nominatim Map
Im Seifen Nominatim Map
Kölner Straße Nominatim Map Map Map Map Map Map Map Map
Leinger Weg Nominatim Map Map Map
Mehrbachstraße Nominatim Map
edit Schulstraße Nominatim
Schulsttraße Nominatim Map
Waldstraße Nominatim Map

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